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For classes, the level of individualized attention as well as the friendly feel of the classes is quite unique. Teachers are quite skilled with a common thread of being very knowledgeable about the body and teaching body awareness in the course of moving the class through exercises.


As a "body worker," Darcy Elman is the most skilled practitioner I have experienced. In our first session she was able to pinpoint the underlying cause of chronic lower back pain and discomfort. In subsequent sessions Darcy provided me exercises to do on my own, coached me through changes in body positioning, and directed me to appropriate classes that would address my physical issues. The rest was up to me. With Darcy's guidance and my effort this 30-year issue has receded into the past and I am now a good deal stronger and more fit.


Bottom line is that I have achieved results in addressing long-standing issues and becoming much more fit by my participation in Blue Iris classes and private sessions. Prior to Blue Iris I had worked with numerous practitioners and studios over the years and never attained these results.

Darcy is insightful and thoughtful as she dives deeply into the body and psyche with her gentle touch and her knowledge of the body. Darcy is skilled in intuiting and guiding individuals toward a more sane and healthy way to live. I loved working with her!

— M. Graham

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your studio is. You have created a very lovely space. Not too big, not too small. Very serene. Perfect. The class last night was fantastic. Shyamoli is a great instructor. I really liked how she spent plenty of time going over correct alignment, but still kept the class moving and covered a lot! I felt challenged and energized. This morning, I feel very strong, open and focused.

Darcy's work is simply transformative. A limited physical complaint brought me to her, but I quickly saw Darcy had the depth of understanding, the commitment and the willingness to guide me in my lifelong yearning for wholeness and integration. Childhood trauma was buried in my body and made it hard to even seek help. Darcy acknowledged the breadth of my difficulties and embraced my hopes of recovering fully. No practitioner before has been able to grasp the complexity of my trauma and healing process, appreciate the intelligence behind my coping mechanisms, and offer such endless confidence in my internal wisdom.

As if this weren't enough, Darcy offered me her own evolving wisdom as a mother, as I struggled under the demands of my daughter's intense special needs. Eventually my daughter received the benefit of Darcy's hands, experiencing healing re-enactments to her traumatic beginnings - some of the most effective and gentlest interventions she's received.

I would entrust the most exquisitely sensitive issues to Darcy, with the knowledge her vision encompasses the grandest scope imaginable.

— JA